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When Do The London Marathon Ballot 2019 Results Come Out?

If you’re hoping to run in next year’s London Marathon then the second week of October is a very big week for you and hundreds of thousands of others, because the results of the public ballot for the 2019 event, which ran from 30th April to 4th May, will be announced.

The results are delivered in the form of a magazine, so start camping out by your letterbox waiting for the postman. The magazine will have either a “You’re In” or “You’re Out” cover. If you get the latter you get the chance to read all about the amazing event you will not be a part of.

Read on for the next steps to take, whether you’re in or you’re out.

When is the 2019 London Marathon?

The 2019 London Marathon will take place on 28th April.

You’re in! What to do next?

Congratulations! Now pay your entry fee quick-smart (if you didn’t pay it up front when entering the ballot). If you are successful in the ballot you’re awarded a provisional place in the race and sent a link to pay the £39 entry fee (£35 for club-affiliated runners, or £80 if you’re an overseas runner).

You might decide that you’re actually not ready to run in 2019, in which case you can defer your place for one year – as long as pay for it first. You can only carry over your entry for one year, though, so either you run in 2019 or 2020 or you lose your spot.

If you are running it, then it’s time to think about training. You can wait until January to start your marathon training (you’d need to start Coach’s 14-week marathon training plans on 21st January 2019), and indeed many people do, but every kilometre you get in the bank before the New Year is only going to put you in a better place to complete or excel in the race come April.

You can also consider running for charity if you have got a ballot place. As you have your own place your fundraising targets will be voluntary, but you get the same support from the charity.

Finally, pat yourself on the back, because you’ve definitely beaten the odds. For 2019’s race a record 414,168 people entered, including 347,876 from the UK – a substantial increase on the 386,050 people who entered the previous year’s ballot. The number of runners who secure a place through the ballot is generally around 17,500 (the final numbers are approximate because many people are given a place but don’t end up running, something the organisers take into account when awarding places).

You’re out. What to do next?

Commiserations, the odds were not in your favour. However, you can still take part in the 2019 London Marathon by running for a charity. The London Marathon website has a list of charities that have places in the event. We recommend getting your applications in fast, because many of those spots will have been filled already.

Speedy runners can also enter the London Marathon without a ballot place. The window for Good For Age entry is now shut, however, so you really will need to be very speedy, because you’ll need to apply for a Championship place. To qualify men have to have run a sub-2hr 45min marathon or a sub-1hr 15min half marathon since January 2017, while women have to have chalked up a sub-3hr 15min marathon or a sub-1hr 30min half. If that’s you, well done! You can apply for a Championship spot from 12th November, as long as you are a member of a British Athletics-associated club.

If you’re not that fast and have missed out on a charity place, don’t forget that the London Marathon is far from the only marathon available. The UK is full of excellent marathons and other running events, so sign up for something else and have another crack at the ballot next year.

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