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Use This Running Pace Calculator To Work Out How To Hit Your Next PB

The chances are that the first few PBs you set in running events will be unplanned. You’ll run as fast as feels right and see what the result is. You’ll probably also notice during those runs that if you’re close to a big number, like two hours in a half marathon or 45 minutes in a 10K, you’ll run a little harder near the end to try to finish under that mark.

If you think about it, it doesn’t make much sense. There’s only one second’s difference between running a two-hour half marathon or a 1:59:59. But stop thinking about it right now. It really does matter and don’t let anyone ever tell you different.

In order to hit these marks you generally need to know the pace to run at, because a well-paced race is crucial to success. Below you’ll find the per kilometre and per mile pace required to hit all the most popular target times for 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and marathons. You don’t have to nail this mark in each and every kilometre. In fact, it’s often a good idea to start slightly slower and finish faster. But these are the average paces you’ll need to stick to.

If you have a very specific goal time in mind that isn’t covered below, or aren’t sure what your target time should be, then there are a couple of running apps we heartily recommend. The simple Running Pace app on the Apple Store will give you the per-kilometre and per-mile pace required for any target time and distance, while the McRun app can help predict your time for events based on past races. So if you’re building up to a marathon and have run a 10K and a half marathon, the McRun app will suggest an achievable marathon goal time based on those results.

5K Pace Calculator

Finish time Min per-km pace Min per-mile pace
35min 7:00 11:16
30min 6:00 9:39
25min 5:00 8:03
20min 4:00 6:26
18min 3:36 5:48
15min 3:00 4:50

10K Pace Calculator

Finish time Min per-km pace Min per-mile pace
1hr 10min 7:00 11:16
60min 6:00 9:39
55min 5:30 8:51
50min 5:00 8:03
45min 4:30 7:15
40min 4:00 6:26
38min 3:48 6:07
35min 3:30 5:38

Half Marathon Pace Calculator

Finish time Min per-km pace Min per-mile pace
2hr 30min 7:07 11:27
2hr 15min 6:24 10:18
2hr 5:41 9:09
1hr 55min 5:27 8:46
1hr 50min 5:13 8:23
1hr 45min 4:59 8:01
1hr 40min 4:45 7:38
1hr 35min 4:30 7:15
1hr 30min 4:15 6:52
1hr 25min 4:02 6:29
1hr 20min 3:47 6:06
1hr 15min 3:33 5:43
1hr 10min 3:19 5:20


Marathon Pace Calculator

Finish time Min per-km pace Min per-mile pace
7hr 9:57 16:01
6hr 30min 9:14 14:52
6hr 8:32 13:44
5hr 30min 7:49 12:35
5hr 15min 7:28 12:01
5hr 7:07 11:27
4hr 45min 6:45 10:52
4hr 30min 6:24 10:18
4hr 15min 6:03 9:44
4hr 5:41 9:09
3hr 45min 5:20 8:35
3hr 30min 4:59 8:01
3hr 15min 4:37 7:26
3hr 4:15 6:52
2hr 45min 3:55 6:18
2hr 30min 3:33 5:43

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