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3 Quick Tips To Help You Bag A Pay Rise

1. Set the standard

Benchmark your pay by looking at internal adverts and online salary surveys for your sector and type of job. If you are underpaid you can use this as objective evidence that supports your pay rise request.

2. Time it right

Choose a time to speak to your boss when you’ve got their undivided attention and when you and the organisation are performing well. Also time this just before the start of the annual budget-setting for next year so it can be incorporated into the new budget.

3. No empty threats

Remind your boss of what a great job you do and how your job has grown in responsibility. It’s expensive to hire new staff and it’s cheaper and easier for organisations to keep existing staff happy, especially if they are doing a good job. Show that you are committed to working for them and never threaten to leave if you don’t get your way – otherwise they may think you will leave regardless of whether you get the pay increase.

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